ViVe involves Children and their families in physical activity (PA) though a variety of neighborhood-based programs. Our approach is holistic in that we reach out to families and children and provide a range of physical activity options that are culturally appropriate and engaging. Our programs are unique such that we offered PA and sports that are rarely offer to communities of need and we offer them in Spanish and English. The programs also include Parents programs, because ViVe’s experience is that when a parent is involved, their children are more likely to participate consistently.

ViVe currently offers 6 programs to communities where most of their members are what is considered a vulnerable population. The Year is divided into 3 seasons. Winter/Spring, summer and fall. ViVe’s primary programs are:

  • Community Physical Activity and Out of School Physical Activity - is a structured physical activity for Children and families. The program that includes yoga, cycling, running, Zumba, Swim Fitness and “boot-camp” type activities after school and throughout the summer.

  • Out-of-School-Time Learn to Swim Program and Adult Learn to swim. This Program is to address a basic safety need that most often is not available to members in communities of need and minorities for cultural and economic reasons. Learning to swim has been shown to enhance one’s self-esteem and self-value.

  • Health Educational Seminars. This Program offers Wellness education to community members and children. Is offered in partnership with community organizations or independently within the community. Topics include nutrition, preventive health, healthy living, mental health,etc.

  • Community Outreach Events are held in partnership with community organizations or independently within the community to encourage fun, physical activity for the entire family.

  • ViVe Community Multisport created to give children, teenagers and Adults the opportunity to continue with their lifestyle change and continuing their learning process. The goal is to prepare them to participate in a triathlon or a duathlon. This is an opportunity to learn a new activity and to engage them in the outdoors using our riding in our parks, swimming in our lakes and running in our trails.

  • Youth Workforce Development Program the final step in ViVe’s continuum of fitness programming, is for youth age 15 and over who are interested in health and wellness careers. This four-month program provides training in leadership, CPR, first aid, lifeguard certification, water safety instruction and job readiness, with a pipeline to jobs with the city of Denver. These Kids are the future leaders of this program.


Make a Impact

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