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Welcome to VIVE’s registration page. Our Mission is Equity through Movement, education and social emotional wellness.  We offer a variety of after school / out of school enrichment classes for your school age children (5-16 years old)


Here are some of our Top Activities

*Learn to swim: is offered in Spanish and English (ages 4 and up) we have a number of pools and partner with the City to offer this classes with certified instructors. 


*Swim Training:  is offered  for those who have learned to swim. We will teach them new strokes or improve on their technique. Offered in Spanish/ English With certified coaches.


* Arte Y Movimiento (Art and Movement): focuses  on emotional health and physical health (ages 5-7 years old). Offered in Spanish and English. The child will have physical activity for physical health and then do art projects which will help teach the student manage emotions.  Offered in Spanish and English. 


* Mente y Movimiento (Mind and Movement): focuses on Emotional health, physical activity and learning how the brain works.  ( Ages 8-11 years old) offered in Spanish and English. The student will learn about the Brain, amígdala , emotions, how to manage them and share them as well as physical activities for physical wellness. 


* Karate: offered in Spanish Only class and English Only class. This is offered by an expert master. Beginner classes and yellow belt. 



*Outdoor Education, Movement and Games.



* Nutrition/Growing Food and Movement: offered in Spanish and English, will teach the students about nutrition, why healthy eating, they will learn how to grow food and will also include movement for physical health. 


*Other Special Activities

We often offer programs which often complete in Certifications or a short session.



- Lifeguard training (14 years old and up)

- Swim Instructor certification (15 years old and up) 

- Pathways skill development and workforce (14 years old and up)

- Teen Mental health First Aid (for teens ) 13-18 years.

- Outdoor Recreation Leadership (14 years old and up) 


*Field Trips

- We often plan field trips either student only or Family - to include all in the family such as fishing, hikes, Paddle boarding , Kayak, camping.

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